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Access Weblogic Hosted Applications with Windows Native Authentication

September 5, 2011 1 comment

The below steps will help configure a transparent authentication mechanism for accessing Weblogic hosted application based on the users’ Active Directory credentials. Users will be able to securely access the company’s J2EE applications using their work station credentials without having to go through a login screen.


It’s assumed that you already have:

– an Active Directory domain;

– a Weblogic domain  (the steps in this guide describe the setup for a Weblogic cluster spread over two physical machines);

-an Active Directory Authentication Provider defined in the Weblogic security realm;

– the end users will access the J2EE applications via a Weblogic proxy (HTTPClusterServlet based), accessible by end users at

Also, before setting up the solution, you must ensure that you have the following information: – The Active Directory hostname – The first Weblogic machine hostname – The second Weblogic machine hostname – The proxy server in front of the Weblogic cluster (HttpClusterServlet in this case)

COMPANY.COM – The Kerberos realm

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