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What’s new in Oracle Weblogic Server 12c

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

On December 1st, Oracle has held an online event to launch the new Weblogic Server 12c, the foundation for the future generation of Fusion Middleware products. Along with 200 new features, this release brings cloud computing capabilities, hence the ā€œcā€ in 12c, an even tighter integration with the Oracle Database and integration with some new Oracle products, that have just been announced.

Below you will find some of the new features that were mentioned during the live launch event:

  • Oracle Traffic Director, is a new released product, that will offer HTTP requests caching, a reverse proxy function and load-balancing based on other algorithms than just round-robin. It will completely replace Oracle WebCache, and while it will also eliminate the need for the Weblogic web server plugins for fronting a Weblogic cluster, the plugins will still be supported by Oracle for integrating with third party web servers such as Apache, IIS etc. However, the Oracle Traffic Director will initially be available only on the Exalogic platform!!

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