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How to find Weblogic patches in Oracle Support site?

After the Oracle’s aquisition of BEA all Weblogic server legacy patches have been included in the new My Oracle Support site, Oracle’s former Metalink. Due to this change, all Weblogic patches are now identified by a patch number of 7 digits (e.g. Patch 8206442). However, there are many resources out there such as blogs or even notes in the Oracle support site that still refer to the Weblogic patches by the old identification code, formed of 4 alpha numeric characters (e.g. Patch PKJ1)

To locate and download these patches from the MOS site (support.oracle.com or supporthtml.oracle.com) you need to:

1. Login to Oracle’s support site
2. Click Patches and Updates
3. In the ‘Patch Search’ section click on ‘Product or Family (Advanced)’
4. Choose the ‘Oracle Weblogic Server’ in the product dropdown
5. Enter the version you are looking for. Please note that the dropdown values are not neccessarily ordered.
6. Then choose ‘Description’ in the filter dropdown instead of ‘Patch Number’ and paste the old identifier in the search field: PKJ1
7. Click Search

The search result will show the Patch number as well:

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