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Unable to start Weblogic: PasswordEncrypted of ServerStartMBean

The Weblogic administration server is not starting and the complete error message is:

“In production mode, it’s not allowed to set a clear text value to the property: PasswordEncrypted of ServerStartMBean”

If this is occurring in Weblogic versions 10.3.1 or earlier, then it is a known bug with the administration console. The bug will cause a <password-encrypted> tag of a certain weblogic instance in your domain to be set to a null value in the config.xml. This will happen if you modify some startup arguments of that instance in the administration console. Weblogic will interpret the null value as a plain text password, which is not allowed in a production domain, thus the error in starting the server.

There is a patch that you can apply for this issue, but there are also some quick workarounds that might prove very useful if there is a time constraint for starting the administration service.

The first solution, and the one that is recommended since it is the final fix is to apply the patch delivered by Oracle for this issue:

– PKJ1 for Weblogic 10.3.1
– 6RDR for Weblogic 10.3

Both patches are released for generic platforms. If you are having a hard time identifying these patches in the new My Oracle Support site, please check out this post for instructions on how to find “old style” Weblogic patches in My Oracle Support.

Then, there are a few workarounds that you can quickly apply based on your needs:

1. The quickest solution is to switch your domain to Development mode. This will allow you to start the administration server, but take into consideration the implications that this change has on the runtime of the server, such as different logging levels and runtime performance.

2. Another way you can solve this issue is to simply copy the value of the empty tag from another instance in your domain. Locate another instance in the config.xml for which you have the <password-encrypted> tag correctly defined and copy it to the empty tag.


3. If you simply do not have the encrypted password, you can encrypt it yourself using a utility provided by Weblogic:

– Run $DOMAIN_HOME/bin/setDomainEnv.sh so set the environment variables for your domain
– Execute: ‘java weblogic.security.Encrypt’
– Enter the password in clear text and the encrypted value will be returned in the output. Copy that in the empty tag in the config.xml and restart the administration server.

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