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Unable to start Weblogic: PasswordEncrypted of ServerStartMBean

April 25, 2012 Leave a comment

The Weblogic administration server is not starting and the complete error message is:

“In production mode, it’s not allowed to set a clear text value to the property: PasswordEncrypted of ServerStartMBean”

If this is occurring in Weblogic versions 10.3.1 or earlier, then it is a known bug with the administration console. The bug will cause a <password-encrypted> tag of a certain weblogic instance in your domain to be set to a null value in the config.xml. This will happen if you modify some startup arguments of that instance in the administration console. Weblogic will interpret the null value as a plain text password, which is not allowed in a production domain, thus the error in starting the server.

There is a patch that you can apply for this issue, but there are also some quick workarounds that might prove very useful if there is a time constraint for starting the administration service.

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Setting up Watches and Notifications in Weblogic Server

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

As any IT system administrator knows, it’s crucial to get informed in time of events and certain metrics levels occurring in the systems that you are responsible for. It’s the same with any Fusion Middleware platform, and this kind of functionality is covered by both the Enterprise Manager Grid Control, but also by the Weblogic Server itself. So if you are only using the Weblogic Administration console for monitoring your Weblogic platform, you can still set up alerts to inform you on the state of your system. This post will cover just such a setup that will send email notifications to the administrators, although SNMP traps, JMX, and JMS are also supported.

To set up your email alerts you will need to cover these main steps: Read more…