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Instrumenting Weblogic Applications with WLDF: Where Does The Application Spend Time?

February 1, 2012 1 comment

The WebLogic Diagnostic Framework is a very powerful tool complementing the WebLogic server that offers virtually unlimited possibilities to monitor, tune and troubleshoot your deployed applications. In this post I will describe how to use WLDF in order to get a better idea on where does an application spend it’s time, broken down by components. This is achieved by using the WLDF application-scoped instrumentation. The main steps for setting it up are:

  1. Enable the Diagnostic Context to track down a request throughout the system;
  2. Enable server-scoped instrumentation;
  3. Enable application-scoped instrumentation;
  4. Define specific Diagnostic Monitors and assign them specific Actions;
  5. Update the application with the new settings;
  6. Access the instrumented application and analyze the collected data;

Let’s get into details with each of these steps…

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